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DON’T WATCH CHARMED AGAIN it’s actually terrible but we all have really good memories of it for some reasons

I was afraid so, when I saw an extract of TV a few times ago… Childhood memories distorting reality?


When asked whether he has gotten any offers to venture into Hollywood during his 20-year career, Jung Woo Sung replied, “Going abroad should not be an actor’s ultimate goal.”

He added, “Of course, filming foreign projects is up to the individual, and they will have a reason for doing so.” Then he frankly stated, “Hollywood is a white-dominated industry, so unfortunately the main character has to be white. But I want to be a main character.”

He further explained, “I’m not sure why Asian actors must make it their goal to enter Hollywood, if it means that they will end up playing villains and supporting characters.”


south korean actor, jung woo sung, speaking frankly about casting and job opportunities in hollywood. (x)


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top 10 tv shows

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I’ll try to do this even if I don’t watch much TV shows. ^^’ These are in no particular order.

1. Le petit journal.

It’s a french “news show” and I love it not only because it’s funny but also for its critics of politics and television/journalism’s way to distort and recreate reality (they often find archives and confront them with something someone has said, that’s of course the exact contrary of what they said before).
It’s still the one I’m watching regularly (thanks internet for replaying the episodes) as really, I stopped watching TV.

2. Bones

I really used to love this show, simply because Temperance Brennan kicks asses and I liked the cast, along with the humour of the show.


I really liked the cast (Abby, Ducky, my favourites! <3) and small bits of humour in the show. The missions were pretty interesting.

4. Criminal minds

Because profiling f*ck yeeeah!

5. Top Chef

The french version. I enjoyed cooking shows and the cooks’ creations looked all so amazing (it was also practical because you’re not forced to constantly follow, in case you miss some stuff).

6. Cake Boss

Same than Top Chef, plus amazing cake designs!

7. Kaamelott

Because before it went all dark and sad and depressive, it was really funny and never missed to made me laugh.

8. un gars une fille

(Oui bon, c’est con mais ça me faisait marrer.)

9. Charmed

I really liked the show when I was a kid. Now if I have good memories of it, I’m really unsure if they would still be as good if I watched the show nowadays.

10. Dead like me

I remember I was really sad there never was a following as it was deliciously darkish humourous.

It really scares me that your average ‘nice guy’ isn´t far from this creep









i think this could be useful for the people who is not totally sure about spend their money in this movie, it has their good and bad points, but generally is a great movie, so please, let’s show them that “An Hispanic story” can be as good as any other one, or even better!. 

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H i s t o r i c a l  P r i n c e s s e s  &  Q u e e n s  by shoomlah






Lost it at Maid Marion.

Okay, but it’s actually super-important that Claire Hummel changed the portrait of Pocahontas after being criticized by native activists for the first Pocahontas’s age/sexualization etc. 

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Obs! The evil within “spoiler” (happens in the second chapter or so, not really a spoiler!) but OBS none the less!


yami-pimea: I know it’s to establish character but really when I read these notes it feels like: “OH MY GOD WE’VE BEEN GOING FOR THIRTY MINUTES! WE NEED TO ESTABLISH THAT HE’S STRAIGHT!!!”



Welcome to my chart!
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the rise and fall

Adding to the debate, people are right now arguing what’s “a shame and humiliation”, the fact that this modern piece of contemporary art has been chosen and installed of that people have vandalized it, therefore depriving the artist of his creativity.

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Anonymous said: Saggy tits. Who would spend money on that lol





What? My boobs are great.



See? Perfectly fine.


 I mean, yeah, they jiggle and wobble and don’t sit high up on my chest. But that’s normal.

Like what do you think I should do about it? I mean



My boobs just do normal boob things. They’re A-okay normal healthy boobs.

Moral: Boobs are really diverse. Do your boobs sag? Normal. Do they have hair? Normal. Do they have stretch marks? Normal. Do you get pimples on them? Normal. Are they different sizes? Normal. Big nipples? Normal. Puffy dark areola? Normal. Not facing dead ahead? Normal. Small? Normal. Big? Normal. Normal Normal Normal. 

And they’re your boobs. If you can change any of those things and you want to, go ahead!

But don’t let people tell you that your breasts are wrong just because they’re affected by gravity. 

You’re fine. They’re fine.

Do think she could have made the same point Without showing her boobs though :$ that just gave the world a look at her half naked. Not classy…

  1. They’re just boobs, man.
  2. I’m topless like 70 percent of the time anyway, but I made a point of showing them, and subsequently received hundreds of messages along the lines of “that’s exactly what my breasts look like! I’d never seen any like them before! thank you”
  3. Your concept of class is silly. I am laughing at you.
  4. Seriously, they’re just boobs.  Am I supposed to be ashamed of my boobs or something? Are you 12
  5. I do not associate with people that are that scared and disgusted by nudity, because I am not a child and understand that bodies are not inherently sexual, and even if they were there’s nothing wrong being sexual
  6. How are you breathing with your head stuck so far up your ass. Are you okay?
  7. Grow up.
  8. No one asked you.
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